Yoga For Back Pain

Throughout my yoga career so far, I have many people contact me with various ailments, especially back pain, looking for the hope of some relief.

Yoga is an amazing practice that helps to realign the body and perfect a tired posture. Poor posture can be the reason for a sore back, as well as tight muscles and tension in the joints. Our modern day world doesn’t do much for our posture: slumped over a desk, gazing down at a phone or tablet, slouched on a sofa or spending hours travelling. All of these things can cause aches and pains throughout your body, as well as over training muscles or wrongly training with weights, or otherwise.

Yoga is the perfect solution to relieve tension, correct posture and realign you. While you’re practicing, sorting out your back you will always reap many of the other benefits that yoga brings.

Here are some of the great positions that will help to ease your back:-

Downward Facing Dog


A classic restorative yoga pose, which will stretch out and lengthen your spine and also stretch your hamstrings. Tight hamstrings can be a common cause of back pain so if you’re struggling to get your heels to the floor, you may have found the root of your problem.

Start on all fours, then tuck your toes under and lift your bottom towards the ceiling as high as you can. Push through your hands to lengthen the spine, as though pushing your chest down towards your toes. Ease your heels towards the floor to stretch out the backs of your legs.

Cat Pose and Cow Pose


This is an excellent combination to stretch out your back and relieve tension from the top to the bottom of the spine. Getting as much movement on your spine between the two positions will give you maximum benefits.

Start on all fours and lift your head and tailbone. Then tuck your head between your shoulders and tuck your tailbone under, pulling your tummy in. Keep moving between the two positions.

Child’s Pose


Another restorative yoga pose which is great for lengthening the spine, therefore reducing tension and relieving pain.

Start on all fours and sit back onto your heels. Rest your head onto the floor and extend your arms up above your head, resting them on your mat. It’s a relaxing position, so enjoy it and allow yourself to destress.

Triangle Pose


An excellent way to stretch the torso and outer hip muscles, and strengthen the legs and back is triangle pose. Often tight hips can cause bad posture and knee pain so it’s another great posture to perfect your body’s alignment.

Stand with your feet wide, one foot pointing forward, the other to the end of your mat. Extend your arms out to shoulder height and tilt from the waist, extending your front arm down towards your front foot and resting on the floor. Look up towards your top arm if you can, keeping your back and legs straight.

There are limitless other positions I could discuss which will help your alignment and prevent or rid of back pain. The above positions don’t even cover the main ones, but do give you a brief understanding of how you can help yourself.

Why not attend a local yoga class and reap the benefits? Please check with a doctor before starting any new fitness regime. If your back pain is disc related you will need guidance from them as to what you can and cannot do.

Enjoy being pain free 😊

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