Exercise…getting back to it!

It’s Been How Long??!!

Today is the day I dust off my yoga mat and get back in to exercise as I know it! After having my third child, aside from going out walking, or running around after the older kiddies, my exercise regime has gone by the wayside, whilst I let my body recover.

People often have to stop exercise for a multitude of reasons: injury, to have a baby, busy at work/lack of time and sometimes you just get out of the habit. Today I’m going to discuss how you can give yourself that much needed kick up the bottom and get back to it.


Make A Habit

Remember when getting to the gym or aerobics class was no effort, it was just something you did? Get back to that. Instead of just going as and when, have a ritual. A set workout on a set day will mean your workout soon becomes ingrained and you won’t need to think about making yourself go to exercise, it will just become second nature, leaving you no opportunity for wondering whether or not to make the effort.

Make It Fun

There are millions of different exercises out there. So if you have the coordination of a toddler but a passion for weights, or hate working out alone but love team sports, then find your love and do that. No one is forcing you to run if you hate it or to dance if you’d rather not. There is something out there for everyone, the key is to enjoy your workout so that it becomes less of a chore and more of a time out for you.

Find A Friend

If you struggle with motivation, why not workout with a friend? If you know that by not attending your planned workout you will be letting someone other than yourself down, it should encourage you to make more effort to get up and go. It can also make your workout more enjoyable, meaning you’ll look forward to your session more too.

Get Competitive

Competing with yourself is a great way to keep you motivated. Build on how many reps you can do or how far or fast you can travel. Setting a benchmark and then challenging yourself to beat it shows how your fitness is growing and improving, which should encourage you to stay with it. Seeing positive results is a great feeling.

Be Realistic

If it’s been a few months since you last worked out, the chances are you’re not going to be able to do what you could before you stopped. Allow yourself the opportunity to build up gradually, knowing that eventually you’ll get back to where you were. Just getting there and knowing you’re improving is enough for now.

So there you have it: my top tips for getting back into it. Ultimately, it’s just a case of getting up and getting out. Once you’re there you’ll put the effort in. Stay focused on your fitness goals and the rest should follow. Stay positive and enjoy the benefits being fit and healthy can bring. After all, the most important thing we can do for ourselves and our loved ones is to be healthy.

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