Perfect Arms

Wanting to increase those biceps, rid of or prevent bingo wings? Perhaps you want more definition in your shoulders, or perfectly toned triceps? All of these things can be achieved, and without the use of heavy weights as you may be led to believe.

Heavy weight lifting can often put unnecessary strain on joints & muscles in the body, however people think they need to put their body through this stress to get the desired results. This is not true.

Sexy arms can be achieved with home workouts, with just the use of your body weight. No equipment is needed. I’ve compiled a few moves & a suggested workout below to help you to develop your strength & improve the look of your arms.

Side Plank

Lay on your side. Place your elbow under your shoulder & your bottom leg straight. Lift your hip off the floor, leaving your elbow & bottom foot supporting your body. You can lift your top arm & top leg so that you are in a star position if you wish for more of a challenge. Hold here for 10 breaths. Switch sides.
If this is too much to start with, you may bend your bottom leg & leave your bottom leg from the knee down on the floor, and then build up.

Side Plank
Press Ups

Quite possibly the most popular of all arm exercises is the press up. There are many options for this though, depending on your upper body strength. You are welcome to stand near to a wall & do a wall press up. The further your feet are from the wall, the harder you’ll be working that body. You are welcome to get down onto all fours & do a standard box press up, or of course a full press up. Once you find these easy, you can do one arm, one leg…keep pushing yourself. Ensure you keep the movements slow. Working our shoulder muscles is the key here.

Tricep Dips

Grab a chair, or sit on the floor. You can keep your legs bent, or for more of a challenge straighten your legs. Keep your fingers facing forwards (towards your body) & gently lower yourself by bending your arm. This targets your triceps. It’s likely to burn pretty quickly. Repeat for 12 reps.

Plank Jump

You all knew the plank would have to make another appearance, right? This time you’ll be wishing for a standard plank! Get into full plank position & jump your feet out, keeping your hips tucked. Jump back in to start position & continue these jumps for 1 minute. If you’re feeling keen, why not add a full press up after each jump?

For the second part of this, hold in a plank position & jump your feet forwards, towards your hands (as though you are performing a burpee). Then again, jump back to the start position. Once again, continue these reps for 1 minute.

Arm Rotations

Stand with your arms extended out to the sides at shoulder height, parallel to the floor. Palms face out, circle your arms forwards for 12 reps & then back for 12. Then hold the arms static, still extended & rotate from the shoulder (as though turning a door handle) forwards & back for 12 reps. Then alternate the arms, 1 forwards, 1 back for 12 reps.

Circle Press Up

Get onto all fours & tuck your hips into ‘easy’ press up position. Place your hands wide. Take your body in a circular motion: take the weight to your right arm, lower towards the floor to the left arm & then push back up & start again. 12 reps going one way & then 12 reps going the other direction.



Keep practising the above workout, several times per day if you can (although remember one rest day per week, & remember to stretch!). With Summer just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to start. Prepare to bare!!

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