Postnatal Exercise



So you’ve had a baby? Whether it was a week ago, a year ago, or more…some people struggle to lose that extra baby weight or to get back into shape after baby has arrived. Routines change, priorities change & our bodies change. I’ve put together a few top tips to help get you feeling confident, looking great & to strengthen your body again. 

Antenatal Exercise

I appreciate if you’ve had a baby, this could be too late to state the obvious. But if you can, try too keep up a good exercise routine throughout your pregnancy. Yoga, swimming & walking are excellent ways to keep fit without putting strain on your body. It’s also a great way to prepare your body for labour, & prevents you piling on excess pounds that you’d only need to lose afterwards anyway.

Kegel Exercises

You’re probably bored of hearing about them, but if you don’t want to be struggling from incontinence later in life, get squeezing!! Work in sets of 10…10 slow, 10 fast squeezes & then hold the last squeeze for as long as you can, for a maximum count of 10. Repeat these throughout the day at regular intervals. It may be easier to start doing kegels laying down until your pelvic floor muscles strengthen, then eventually you’ll be able to do them standing, & even squatting.

Mummy Tummy

The main thing most mummies ask me is how to rid of their mummy tummy, that newfound sag. Staying hydrated helps, both on the inside & outside. So drink a minimum of 2 liters of water per day & moisturise the stomach at least twice per day. This hydration helps your skin to retain its elasticity, giving you a smoother & firmer look.
Exercise is also key. Core workouts are excellent for keeping your back strong & finding those ‘hidden’ stomach muscles once again. So get planking, crunching & target that tummy area to give you a body your proud of. It’s worth having a look at my previous blog on HIIT exercise to help rid of any excess weight too.

Back Pain

With the constant bending, lifting & twisting involved with raising a child, it’s common to hear of mum’s complaining of lower back ache. Core exercises help to keep your back strong to prevent these aches & pains. Spinal rolls & lay stretches are excellent ways to improve back pain by ridding of caught up tension. Finally, it seems obvious, but stay focused on your posture when moving around & ensure you bend your knees when lifting your baby. Your body will thank you for it in later life as well as now.

I appreciate it’s hard finding the time to exercise once you’ve had children; you can no longer nip to the gym on your way home from work, or go for a jog on your lunch break. If you can’t find childcare for you to be able to take time to exercise, why not incorporate your exercise into your daily routine with your little one.
You can exercise from home whilst your little one watches you, go for a stroll with the buggy or a baby carrier to feed the ducks, you could even grab some mummy friends & create your own circuits session at a nearby park or one of your houses.

Just please ensure you get your 6 week check before you take part in any exercise. 

Look after yourself. 

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