Get Beach Body Ready


Days are getting longer, Summer is growing closer: are you beach body ready or do you need conditioning to increase your confidence?
Let’s face it, whether we’re in pretty good condition or feeling more whale than whey, I’m sure there is something we would all like to improve on ourselves. Below are some great moves to increase body confidence when stripped down. Keep movements slow & controlled. Remember quality is more important than quantity.

Tone Your Abs

Probably the main area people like to focus on when thinking of a beach body is their abs. Here are 2 key moves to get you started.

Pilates 100 – Lift into a basic crunch position, keeping a gap between your chin & chest, and hold at the top. Extend your arms down the side of your body, palms face down & pump your arms up & down for 10 breaths. Lower. Repeat 10 times. Remember to keep your tummy pulled in at all times.

Leg Raises – Lay on your back with your legs extended straight up towards the ceiling. (Bend your knees if needed to protect your lower back). As you exhale, lower 1 leg down towards the ground. Inhale to raise it back up, alternating legs, or working both together if you feel strong enough. Keep that tummy pulled in & don’t hold the breath. Repeat for 24 breaths.

Men and Women Lose Weight with Kettlebells

Lift Your Buttocks

The key to beach body buttocks is to build muscle & lift the cheeks, giving you a lovely round, pert shape. There are a number of moves to get the look. Below are a couple to get you started.

Knee Openers – Lay on your side with your knees bent in front of you, knees together, feet lifted. Exhale pushing your knees apart, keeping the feet together. Inhale knees together. Repeat for 24 breaths on each side.

Rear Raisers – On all fours, extend one leg straight out behind you, toes on the floor. Exhale as you cross the straight leg over the bent leg. Inhale to start position. Repeat 24 breaths on either side.

kettlebell training for women

Shape Your Thighs

Exfoliate & keep those pins moving to help you ooze confidence. Try the moves below & enjoy the results.

Chair Squats – Stand with your feet under your hips, feet pointing forwards parallel to each other. Bend into a squat, exhale back to a standing position. Keep moving, but keep the movements slow, getting as low as you can without the knees passing the toes. Repeat for 24 breaths.

Walking Lunges – Keep your upper body straight. Step forward with your right leg, bending the knees to about 90 degrees, as you lower yourself to the ground. Exhale as you push back with the right leg, keeping the weight in your heels & then step forward with the left. Repeat for 24 breaths, ensuring the knee doesn’t pass the toes.

How to Get a Toned Lower Body

Repeat these exercises daily, more than once if you wish. Team with cardio workouts if you wish to see results faster.

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