What is Fitness Yoga?

Yoga Relaxation

Fitness Yoga is my personal preferred form of Yoga, both to teach & to practice.
There are many forms of Yoga & with each form, every instructor is unique & will have their own slant & belief on how it should be interpreted.
I believe that Yoga is about the mind & body, & the unity of them with the breath. Fitness Yoga is a modern form of the ancient tradition, focusing on stretching, strengthening & toning the body using various postures. I believe it should also incorporate meditation, relaxation &/or breathing exercises.

What Will Fitness Yoga Do For Me?
Yoga is not only an exercise, it is a way of life & can benefit your physical & mental health in multiple ways. All forms offer a variety of these benefits; it is purely personal preference for which type you choose. By practicing, you become more aware of yourself: aware of how you feel, your physical well-being & mental health. You can not only improve your physical health but also improve your own willpower & focus, & rid of anxieties & stress. It’s also a great way to lose weight, improve metabolic rate & condition your body.

Who’s It For?
Fitness Yoga is suitable for everyone, & it is never too late to start. I’ve had people in their 70’s who have never practised any form before & who have never been big on exercise. I’ve also taught amateur boxers looking to improve their flexibility & focus their energy. Both extremes found the practice challenging, but achievable & benefit from their sessions. There are also many walks of life in between who I’ve had the pleasure of working with: all ages, shapes, sizes, men & women.

In short, I would describe a Fitness Yoga class as a blend of Hatha Yoga & Pilates. Fitness yogis tend not to get so caught up in the names of asanas, or traditions such as chanting, but instead just enjoy the practice & it’s benefits. I look forward to going into further detail with you about the benefits over the next few months.


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