Yoga for Therapy

Crying is a natural release of emotion. Often, this release can make us feel better, although perhaps uncomfortable at the time if tears come in the middle of a class.

People who suffer from depression, anxiety, or people who have developed bad breathing habits, are commonly shallow breathers. Yoga teaches you to breathe deeply, to tune into your breath, body & emotions. This can cause a rush of emotion & can result in tears or feelings of being overwhelmed. Crying is a natural release & is nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed of. Yoga can help to get to the root of the bad feeling; or sometimes there may be no apparent reason for the tears. Just let them be, allow the release & know you are making yourself stronger in mind.

Yoga has many benefits. We’re frequently shown how it can improve posture, flexibility & fitness. Yoga also encourages us to pause from the rat race of our lives & listen to ourselves: listen to our body, our thoughts & experience the moment. This is a positive for our mental health. You allow yourself to feel & to notice things that you would usually push aside or that would go unnoticed. Yoga is therapy.

Different postures trigger different responses from different people. However, if we were to stereotype, it’s often the more restorative positions that can generate the most emotional response. Pigeon, cobra, bow & savasana can help to release emotions, as well as the deep breathing exercises often practised.

  • Emotional pain from the past often lingers in the hip flexors. Practice pigeon pose to release this tension & challenge your hips.
  • Heartbreak & depression is commonly released when we open the heart & stretch the chest, demonstrated in camel pose. Camel can be known to make you cry or giggle, as tensions release.
  • Resting poses encourage your thoughts, which is why they can provoke an emotional response. Relax in savasana & allow your mind & body to release all tensions.

So, if you’re feeling down, why not treat yourself to the gift of yoga…the gift of time for you…& if you need to, allow those tears to fall as you practice. Finish with a smile, knowing you are improving yourself mentally, as well as physically.



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